Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Flu :- (

Wow, I've been neglecting my blog a bit lately, but as I sit here on a school day in bed I am finally catching up. Why am I home on a school day?? The flu of course. And how did I catch the flu? No doubt from one of my little darlings who have been coughing/sneezing/germ spreading for the past few weeks. No matter how much you preach the hygiene message and try and supervise correct tissue disposal, it seems you just can't escape it.
On the topic of the flu though, why is it that parents insist on sending their children to school when they are clearly sick? I know it is frustrating when winter coughs/colds go on for days on end BUT sending your poor child off to school to make the other kids in their class miserable with the same thing is NOT the answer. There is nothing worse than seeing a child obviously dosed with cold medication in the morning gradually becoming more miserable as the day progresses. I think with kids their eyes tell the story and when you are faced with sad, dull eyes you know they are not well.
Still sort of on the same topic, why do so many children come to school without their jumpers in winter? Would you not notice if your child left the house in a short sleeved dress/shirt when the temperature is about 14 degrees?? I know Brisbane doesn't have very cold winters but there are many days it IS chilly and still children sit there shivering.
OK rant over, but when you see it every day you really wonder what goes through some people's heads every morning. I know parents are busy/time poor etc but these are basic needs for your child - what on earth is more important that that?

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