Sunday, 29 January 2012

Skin Care

I'm happy to admit I've always been a bit slap dash with skin care. I wasn't one of those girls who was especially interested in make up and I didn't start using a cleanser until I got my first part-time job and thus needed to wear make-up (and remove it). Even then I only favoured the foaming cleanser you can use in the shower. Forget the cream ones you had to apply then remove with cotton wool balls! I also ditched the toner - I just couldn't see the point (even though any beautician will tell you why you need it). I also didn't use a moisturiser for a long time. No, not because I'm lazy but because my skin is so oily. Any one I tried made my skin even more oily. Eventually I stumbled onto an oil free one from Nutrimetics of all places and used it as my staple for almost twenty years.

OK, as I've previously admitted I'm in my late 30s, so over the past couple of years I've realised I can no longer get by with my very basic skin care routine. Yes, I do look much younger than my age and because I've been pretty careful in the sun and I haven't smoked my skin is in reasonably good shape. BUT I have noticed some uneven skin tone and my pores are more enlarged as I've gotten older. After my botox experience, I started looking into medical grade skin care. That's the full-on, heavy duty stuff that costs a lot, but delivers some pretty impressive results (apparently). However after researching some of the ingredients, I was a bit concerned about what the long term effects might be. Besides the cost was huge, when you added up what you needed.

Around this time I came across an ad in the Women's Weekly for a natural skin care company called MooGoo. Weird name, yes but it is so called because it uses milk protein in all its products. So I looked up their website and was immediately impressed with what they offered. Not only are they an Australian company, but a Queensland one (based on the Gold Coast). And all their products use natural ingredients - nothing petroleum based and no chemicals like sodium laurel sulphate. As well as that, all their containers and packaging are recyclable. I was also pleasantly surprised by the cost. While they are more expensive than your everyday cleanser/moisturiser/shampoo they are much less than the medical grade skin care I was considering.

I was immediately intrigued by their essential oil cleansers. Here was I with extremely oily skin and they were suggesting covering it more oil?? But after checking the (glowing) testimonials I decided to give it a shot. I also really liked the look of their anti-ageing moisturiser with Resveratrol (a natural compound). Although they have lots of stockists, I wasn't sure when I'd have the chance to go shopping and was impatient to get started. So I ordered on-line and had them in my P.O box the next morning.

As dubious as I was about the oil cleanser, I fell in love with it almost immediately. Not only did I love the little pump bottle, I loved the smell of the essential oils and the way it felt on my skin. I also loved how clean it made my skin feel. I often use the Invisible Zinc make up, which is REALLY hard to get off. This cleanser got it off in seconds. Followed up by the anti-ageing moisturiser, the skin on my face felt amazing! I just couldn't get over it. Here I was - the girl who hated the daily cleanse/tone/moisturise routine - actually looking forward to it. I was also excited that I could use the cleanser in the shower, obviously I just had to apply it before I got it. There are actually two ways you can use it - just like a normal cleanser, or a more deep cleansing method that involves steaming your face (using a hot face washer). I admit I don't have time for this every day, but when I do it, my skin feels awesome.

The verdict? Eight months in, I am still loving my MooGoo products. I don't think I could ever use a regular cleanser again after this one and the anti-aging moisturiser is doing as promised. It really has made a difference to my skin and I like the fact that I'm not needing harsh chemicals to do it. The MooGoo website is also fantastic - if you email them, they get back to you really fast and will answer any questions you may have. I have since starting using the shampoo/conditioner (once again more expensive but SO nice), the deodorant, lip balm and soap. They also have a range of other products, including an acne cream and one for treating eczema. Yes I'm a little obsessed, but I'm excited to actually be excited about skin care! Check out their website: if you're interested. I can't recommend them highly enough.


  1. Hi, I'm from Kuala Lumpur.Enjoyed reading about your experiences with MooGoo products. I'm a fan too but had a bad experience with oil cleanser for dry skin. Maybe I wasn't using it correctly cos after 3rd time using it, my skin became dryer. Do u need to remove your makeup with a damp cotton wool soaked with oil cleanser or u just apply directly on your face. I tried getting help but it's slow in coming. Thanks.

  2. Hi Shirley, I just apply the cleansing oil straight to my face and massage it in and the makeup comes right off. I guess we have opposite skin types as my skin is very oily. But it definitely didn't make my skin drier. Hope this helps.